Martha's Vineyard vs Nantucket

The view of Martha's Vineyard which is often in a debate vs Nantucket.Picking the perfect vacation destination can involve a lot of pro and con list making. Two of the most popular New England spots both reside off the southern coast of Cape Cod. Both Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard have been attracting countless vacationers for years, and for good reason. However, there are differences between these two Massachusetts hot spots. To help you in your decision-making process, the Vineyard Square Hotel & Suites team has put together a Martha’s Vineyard vs. Nantucket cheat sheet. 

The Differences

One of the first main differences between these two islands is their size. Martha’s Vineyard is almost twice the size of Nantucket, measuring in at 96 square miles. Because of its larger size, Martha’s Vineyard is home to several towns, each with their own unique personality.  While both islands are home to stunning scenery, there are noticeable differences in what you can expect to see. Martha’s Vineyard features rolling hills and high cliffs, while Nantucket is flatter. If you’re looking to spend time on the beach, both New England spots are home to incredible beaches. However, because of its larger size, there is more coastline on Martha’s Vineyard. Some of the best beaches near our Edgartown hotel include Lighthouse Beach and South Beach, which are the perfect places to enjoy incredible beach activities

The Similarities

While the two islands have plenty of differences, there are also several similarities.
  • Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard are great places to enjoy outdoor activities, like kayak tours with Island Spirit Kayak through Martha’s Vineyard waterways.
  • Both are home to lighthouses that serve as landmarks to their maritime past, including the Edgartown Lighthouse.
  • Summer is the main tourist season.
  • Both are great to explore on bike rentals, like those available to our guests or from local shops like Edgartown Bicycles.
  • Both are the perfect destination for everyone, from families to couples looking to make lifelong memories.

Plan Your Martha’s Vineyard Vacation

The view of an Edgartown hotel to stay at when deciding on Martha's Vineyard vs Nantucket.As a boutique hotel in Edgartown, our vote in the Martha’s Vineyard vs. Nantucket debate will always be Martha’s Vineyard. See for yourself why we feel our New England island is the better vacation destination by planning a memorable visit. Overlooking the Edgartown harbor, our hotel is the perfect home base for your stay. Be close to all that makes this area unique while having a relaxing place to call home. We offer several accommodation styles, which means you can choose the one that fits your group best. Learn more about our hotel and Martha’s Vineyard by calling 508-627-4711. We can also answer questions about current special offers.
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