Mother Nature is working hard all around us to make the island beautiful. Here's what we're doing to say thanks.


Our Edgartown hotel staff strives to minimize the environmental impact of our Martha’s Vineyard lodging while still exceeding guest expectations with outstanding accommodations and a wonderful New England getaway experience. Over the past year, Vineyard Square Hotel & Suites has been proud to institute changes aimed at sustainability and responsible tourism and is continuously looking for ways to further reduce our footprint on the island and the planet. Here are just of few of the eco-friendly steps we’ve taken at our downtown Edgartown boutique hotel:


  • Where appropriate, incandescent light bulbs have been replaced with compact fluorescents or LEDs.
  • Every guestroom in the Vineyard Square Hotel & Suites has a small blue bin for all co-mingle recyclables.
  • The shampoos and lotion in our rooms are in recyclable packaging and they don’t need to be rinsed – our waste removal vendor told us that the small bits of shampoo and lotion left in the bottles do not damage the recycle process. In fact, all discarded soap and shampoo bottles are collected and recycled to be distributed to impoverished people around the world. It’s a great program from the folks at Clean the World.
  • Every guest has a choice whether to have sheets changed and towels replaced daily during their stay.  This helps reduce chemical and energy use in the laundry.
  • We are reducing our use of plastics in housekeeping by using canvas bags to tote laundry instead of large plastic garbage bags.
  • There are large, co-mingle recycle bins in our lobby area and the front desk now religiously uses separate bins.
  • We now send 99% of our confirmation letters by email instead of printing and mailing (Sorry, Post Office)
  • Our new carpeting is 100% recyclable.  As part of our recent renovation, we installed Nylon 6 carpets from Shaw Floors. Shaw’s nylon recycling operation in Augusta, Georgia employs patented technology that converts post-consumer nylon carpet and recycles it back to its original material – the building block for nylon fiber. As a result of this technology, carpets of Nylon 6 are capable of being recycled into new carpet repeatedly without the loss of any aesthetic or performance properties.