marthas vineyard ice cream

With so many places to stock up on dessert (and a little help from the gingerbread-house cottages in Oak Bluffs), Martha’s Vineyard sometimes feels like Candyland, and we’re not complaining. The way we see it, vacation is a chance to treat yourself. Next time you’re on the Island, go ahead and make a stop or two on our sweet tooth tour for the best Martha’s Vineyard ice cream, fudge, and more.


Murdick's Fudge Martha's Vineyard


Murdick’s Fudge — Edgartown

The original Martha’s Vineyard fudge shop features upwards of 15 flavors ranging from classic chocolate to Cape Cod Cranberry. Their pledge to use only the finest natural ingredients makes for top-notch flavor and texture, but that’s not the only reason to stop in. Murdick’s has been making fudge the same way since 1887, and they do it in plain sight. You can bring the whole family to watch workers mix, pour, shape, and slice the next batch.


Mad Martha’s Ice Cream — Edgartown

Our go-to scoop shop is just a few steps away from Murdick’s here on North Water Street, and there’s no law against visiting both on the same walk. Homemade Martha’s Vineyard ice cream and frozen yogurt await behind the counter. In the summer, the shop is also home to Skinny’s Fat Sandwiches. First-time visitors have occasionally been known to confuse the two menus, confounded by the possibility of steak & cheese flavored ice cream. We’ll stick with mint chocolate chip, thanks.


Back Door Donuts — Oak Bluffs

backdoor-donuts-1We understand the skepticism that comes with a claim like “the best donuts you’ve ever had, anywhere, ever,” but we’re going to make it anyway. We’re confident you’ll agree. If you walk around to the lot behind Martha’s Vineyard Gourmet Café & Bakery after 8 p.m., you’ll notice an open door, a sweet bakery aroma, and probably a long line — it’s worth the wait. These Martha’s Vineyard donuts are so light and fluffy that diehards can easily have two or three in a row. We recommend going for the apple fritter on your first visit.


Chilmark Chocolates — Chilmark

A box of Chilmark Chocolates makes a pretty sweet gift, but we won’t tell if you sneak a few for yourself. Head up-Island to Chilmark and choose your assortment of confections. These local favorites make great Martha’s Vineyard wedding favors too.


Val Cakes — Edgartown

Chef Valerie will make cakes of any size here in Edgartown. They’re a go-to for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebrations on the Island. Our favorite treats are a little smaller, though: Val’s French macarons are to die for: fluffy, creamy, and just right for a quick sugar fix.


Don’t forget to save a little room at the end of your sweet tooth tour — the taffy bowl will be waiting when you come back to your room at our Edgartown hotel. If you arrive in the afternoon, you just might score a cookie from our baker, too.

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