friendly Martha's Vineyard hotel

by Rick Conti

Most people, even those too young to remember the show before it went into syndication, recognize those iconic lyrics from the theme song for the iconic Boston-based sitcom “Cheers.”

Martha's Vineyard Beach
It’s not just the beaches! The friendly vibe and sense of place keeps the author coming back to Martha’s Vineyard.

Here’s the line in partial context:

Wouldn’t you like to get away?
Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody knows your name,
and they’re always glad you came.

I have to tell you, that reminds me far more of Martha’s Vineyard than any watering hole.

When I want to get away, that’s where I want to go.  Sure enough, one of the reasons is because, maybe not everybody but, enough people know my name.

One of the many (many, many) great things about Martha’s Vineyard is its manageable size.  It might not seem so when you’re driving from Chappy to Aquinnah, but it’s a small island.  If you spend enough time there, you’ll get to know people: store clerks, business owners, waiters, residents, and, if you misbehave, the local police.  Get familiar with folks, be friendly, and people will get to know your name.  Then (unless you’re a jerk) they’ll be glad you came.

What a great feeling when you walk into a business or other public establishment and people greet you as if you’re Norm from “Cheers”.  It’s as it you’re a celebrity in that little space.  They know you because you come in and you keep coming in because they know you.  That’s pretty cool for everyone involved from my perspective. I must confess I love it when Joanne greets me with her Scottish lilt every time I walk into Vineyard Square Hotel & Suites.

So, I think I’ll keep going back – to the island and the hotel – getting to know more people each time.  Once everybody knows my name, I’ll move on to some other vacation spot, but not a moment before.

If you run into me, make sure to say hello and introduce yourself.


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