things to do indoors

While everyone hopes for perfect weather when they go on vacation, there’s no avoiding the occasional bad weather day (we haven’t perfected our weather-fixer, yet). Don’t let a little rain or snow cloud your Martha’s Vineyard vacation. There are endless indoor activities on the island that are perfect for the whole family. Stop into a museum, take a class, or just relax and eat. With so many wonderful indoor activities to choose from, a rainy vacation day may just outshine the ‘perfect’ ones.

Indoor Activities: Dance
Photo: Caleb Carr, The Yard

Featherstone Center For The Arts

If you are an art lover, none of Martha’s Vineyard’s indoor activities can beat a visit to Featherstone Center for the Arts. This art center is the premiere destination for local artwork in the area. Stop in and see one of their rotating exhibits, or go to one of their weekly events like Musical Mondays or the Photographers Salon. You can also attend one of the center’s classes open to individuals of all ages.


Martha’s Vineyard Ice Arena

A day of indoor activities doesn’t mean giving up being active. Burn off some energy by skating at Martha’s Vineyard Ice Arena. If, by some chance, you forgot to lug your skates all the way to the Vineyard, they’re available to rent on-site. Martha’s Vineyard Ice Arena also host open skating hours throughout the week, or you can sign up to take a lesson and learn to skate circles around your friends and family. When the weather is just too damp or too cold to skate outdoors, keep your fingers, toes, and nose from freezing off by skating in this indoor arena.


Indoor Activities: Museum
Photo: Martha’s Vineyard Museum

Martha’s Vineyard Museum

Learn about the rich history, art, and culture of the island at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum. This museum began collecting items in 1922 and has only grown its collection since. Discover the island’s history through pre-revolutionary war artifacts or visit one of the museum’s exhibits featuring modern artists. A visit to this museum has been known to inspire revolutionary war reenactments and the desire to eat whale blubber (just kidding about the whale blubber).


Indoor Activities at The Yard

Brighten up your day with a community dance class at The Yard. Taught in an open air barn, these classes make you feel like you’re outside, without actually confronting the weather. If the day’s gloom has you in the mood to rest rather than rhumba, you can sit and watch one of their monthly performances instead. The Yard hosts residencies for prominent dancers, so you may have the chance to see the next great dancing phenomenon!


Spend The Day At Vineyard Square

When the temperatures drop or the rain pours, sometimes you just want to cozy up inside all day. Luckily, with all the indoor activities at Vineyard Square, you won’t have to brave the weather. Spend the day getting treatments and massages at the Sea Spa Salon, where the sound of rain will only aid relaxation. In the evening, share a leisurely meal in our in-house restaurant, and watch the snow fall while sipping on a hot beverage. End your day of indoor activities by returning to your snug room and warming up by the fire.

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