7 Essentials for Visiting Martha’s Vineyard: Your Island Travel Checklist

Do packing and procrastination go hand-in-hand in your world, too? We’re here to help you get started, because (believe it or not) filling a travel bag can be quick and painless. If it’s Martha’s Vineyard on your radar, scan our travel checklist for several items you won’t want to leave home without.


7 Essentials for Visiting Martha’s Vineyard: Your Island Travel Checklist

Overhead shot of suitcase and packing essentials


1. Your Ferry Ride Distraction Kit

Admiring the views from the ferry window is a perfect time to plug into your latest podcast episode. While you dream of hitting the beach in that new bathing suit, don’t forget to pack your preferred distraction methods, like books, games, or cash for the ferry snack bar.  


2. Phone Accessories You Don’t Want to Replace

Traveling can inspire plenty of collections, but backup phone chargers shouldn’t be one of them. Let this serve as your extra reminder to throw that smartphone lifeline in your bag before you head out the door.  


3. The Three S’s: Swimsuit, Sunscreen, Slip-On Shoes

Plopping down on a sandy beach isn’t as charming when you’re five minutes away from a scorching sunburn. Don’t zip up the suitcase before throwing in a bathing suit (or two, or three), a floppy beach hat, ample amounts of sunscreen, and a trusty pair of sandals. Two things you don’t have to worry about? Beach chairs and umbrellas. Our hotel amenities have a shaded seating arrangement with our name on it (but you’re free to use them, too).


4. A Second Suitcase for Souvenirs

Spare yourself a headache here and don’t bother trying to save room for Martha’s Vineyard goods. Between all of Edgartown’s shops and the year-round Artisans Festivals, you never know what (or how much) you’ll want to bring back home with you.   


5. Your Sweet Tooth

Murdick's Fudge shop exterior and sign in Edgartown
You aren’t prepared for a Vineyard visit if you don’t sample some Murdick’s Fudge.

Go ahead, have dessert before dinner — you’re on vacation! Be prepared to treat yourself, because Murdick’s Fudge and Mad Martha’s Ice Cream are a deliciously dangerous walk from the Square (and there are plenty more island goodies to sample throughout your stay)


6. Your Sense of Adventure (And an Appropriate Outfit)

We’re nothing if not active on this island. Our fitness center makes it possible to keep to a basic workout routine while you’re here, but that’s only a fraction of the ways to work up a sweat. From hiking through wildlife sanctuaries to island-wide bike rides, having at least two athletic outfits to change into in a snap will keep you fresh and ready for anything.


7. Plenty of Photo Storage

Walk out on our balcony and the first thing you’ll want to do is snap a photo of our Edgartown Harbor view — keep your camera at the ready, because that’s only the start to scenes worth snapping. To guarantee you have room to save all of your Martha’s Vineyard memories, free up phone space or pack extra SD cards for your camera before you arrive.


Once you’ve got these basics in the bag, you can move on to fine-tuning the best travel checklist of all: your island itinerary. Feel free to pick our brains for suggestions — we’re happy to give you the inside scoop on how best to explore Edgartown.

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