Things to Do in Martha's Vineyard

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Vineyard Spring Spruce Up!

BY VSH | 09 May 2010

Hello to friends of the Colonial Inn and Martha’s Vineyard. I’m happy to be back at work and in the loop after a quiet winter away from everyone. The Vineyard is bustling with spring activity. All of the busy little worker ants are scurrying about getting the island ready for our 2010 visitors. Restaurants and stores are opening their doors at record speed. As usual, you will find much the same, as well as some changes.

MV Bridge by cdsessumsTo follow up on the island doings I discussed in my last blog, let me start with the bridges along State Beach between Edgartown and Oak Bluffs. As I mentioned then, they will be only half finished for this upcoming season, but you will certainly be impressed with the progress. From what I can tell, as I peek through all the work equipment as I drive by, both bridges will now arch a bit in the center, making the jump from Big Bridge a bit more challenging for all you aquatic daredevils. The railing is now going up, and it is an architectural delight.

Another work of art awaits you at the dock in Oak Bluffs. The new ferry terminal accomplishes what few new structures can. It is not only stunning and functional, but looks like it belongs to the scenery it inhabits. In addition to the impressive new building itself, the walkway down the Steamship Authority terminal dock is now much sturdier and completely covered to protect you when you happen to arrive on one of our infrequent stormy days. Just across the street, new road construction will keep the traffic flowing far better than ever before.

On the way into Vineyard Haven, check out our fantastic new hospital. Don’t hesitate to stop in and visit the long awaited, state of the art facility. Travelling on, you’ll find the now completed, temporary Lagoon drawbridge. The old bridge has finally disappeared into thin air, or at least to some salvage yard, and the area is greatly improved. The only thing you might find disconcerting is that there is now a bend in the road as you both approach and leave the bridge. Take special heed of this especially if you are dining in Vineyard Haven, whose residents have just agreed to allow beer and wine sales in restaurants. (That’s right folks. No more BYOB!) After all, we would hate to see you miss the curve and end up several feet beyond in the new hospital.

All in all, the Vineyard is mightily spruced up and waiting for you. Come see us soon.

Photos Credit: cdsessums