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The Perfect Martha’s Vineyard Vacation

BY RICK | 30 January 2011

erc__0368 sm (1)This blog is sponsored by the Colonial Inn in Edgartown.  And all of the contributors are employees thereof.  Except me.  Since I’m a non-employee, I can tell the truth and they can’t touch me!  I can blow the lid off the whole operation!  Tell all!  Full disclosure!  Expose all the dirty little secrets!  Name names!  Blow the whistle!!!

Unfortunately, there’s not much to say.  Fortunately, it’s because the gang at the Colonial is a great group of people, running a classy establishment.

My connection with this organization is that I’m an owner at the Edgartown Residence Club(ERC), a fractional ownership deal owned and managed by the Colonial Inn.  I was telling the truth, though, that it really is an advantage to not be an employee for the purposes of this post.  If I worked there, the blatant, over-the-top kudos that I am about to dole out would amount to nothing but bluster and bravado that you could brush aside without a second thought.  But since I have nothing to gain – in fact I could lose out on the deal – my words could have some credibility… for once.

The ERC is a dream come true.  My family has been vacationing in MV for many, many years.  At one point, in the throes of post-vacation euphoria, no doubt, we investigated the possibility of buying property here.  Alas, I haven’t founded a phenomenally successful Internet startup or written a song that made young lovers swoon in their iPod earbuds thus selling millions of copies.  The financial picture was woefully out of focus.

That route would have been impractical, anyway.  No way I’m gonna be either shelling out the clams for maintenance or shuttling back and forth checking on a place.  I’m not really that big on maintenance anyway.  That’s where the ERC comes in.

The ERC provides the perfect vacation.  You show up, you have fun, you go home.  No stress.  No worries.  No brainer.  We pack light (I like that a lot) and we leave the car on the mainland (everyone likes that).  Everything is supplied by the ERC, right down to beach towels, chairs, and umbrellas.  Lots of nice little touches, too, like muffins in the morning, cookies in the afternoon, and (sometimes) live music in the evening.

Master Bedroom smallThe place is furnished to the hilt.  (Although I still haven’t figured out why we have 200 pillows on the bed.  No matter.  All my problems should be that manageable.)  Gas-powered fireplaces to make those cold island winter nights warm and cozy.  Right in theheart of Edgartown with views of the harbor from the deck.  Walking distance to great restaurants, the lighthouse, beaches.  (As Steven Wright says, “Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.”)  Hey, it’s way better than owning my own place.  (See?  If the staff wrote this stuff, you wouldn’t believe them. I’m not sure I would!)

But, against all odds, I really do own my own place now.  The fact that it’s just four weeks a year – the weeks I choose, by the way – makes it that much better.

What’d I tell ya?  Full disclosure!

PS. If you like the sound of all this and want to learn more, get in touch with Joanne, or call her on 508-627-7666 – she’ll give you all the info!

If you could own a vacation home anywhere in the world, where would it be?


January 31, 2011 07:17 am

Hi B Restucci - We are so glad you are enjoying the blog!! Unfortunately we do not have a Daffodil Festival (there is one on Nantucket), but there are lots of other great reasons to visit in Spring - maybe you would enjoy the Martha's Vineyard Film Festival in mid-March? Don't worry - we'll come up with lots of good excuses for you to visit - stay tuned... We hope to see you soon :) Best, Joanne and all the other bloggers :)

January 30, 2011 06:50 pm

Love reading these, keep them coming! Do you have a daffodil festival in the spring? I've heard that you do, are the rumors true, and, if so when? The best to you!, B. Restucci