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Your wedding weekend on Martha’s Vineyard comes with more than rings and vows — you and your guests have the whole wide island to explore. At the same time, we know you’ll be extremely busy before and after tying the knot, what with makeup, photos, and making it on time to your wedding venue. That’s why we’ve come up with this sample wedding weekend itinerary for guests — feel free to include what you see fit as part of a welcome package or guide to the island.



Edgartown Harbor - Martha's Vineyard wedding weekend activities


Our Wedding Weekend Itinerary

Friday: Arrive and See the Island

Depending on what time folks arrive, Wedding Weekend Day One can be full of adventure or just a time to crash and relax. Just because we have island tunnel-vision, we’ll err on the side of a pretty full day of island living:
The closest beach to downtown Edgartown is Lighthouse Beach. Stroll northeast on North Water Street for about seven minutes, and there, you’ll see Edgartown Lighthouse to your right at the end of a sandy pathway. It’s a great place to set up shop for a lazy afternoon.
• For those who want to get out and stretch their legs after traveling, the gently sloping trails at the Caroline Tuthill Preserve offer stunning ocean views and natural scenery.
• Thirsty? Catch up over Martha’s Vineyard craft beers or grab an artisanal cocktail at Alchemy. If you’re ready to roam, here are six more Edgartown nightlife hotspots.


Cocktail at Chesca's Restaurant
Another great spot for food and drink: Chesca’s

Saturday: Get Ready on Island Time

Saturday morning doesn’t have to be a big rush just because Saturday night’s the big night — there’s plenty to do without straying too far from your hotel room.
• Start your day at the authentic locals’ diner: Dock St. Coffee Shop.
• Walk around downtown Edgartown. Memorial Wharf is a prime spot for pre-wedding selfies, and you’ll find plenty of boutique shops and galleries to peruse nearby. See our guide for more Edgartown shopping options.
• Saturday also makes a great spa day if you’re so inclined. We recommend Sea Spa Salon for wedding weekend treatments and plenty of primping.


Sunday Morning: More than Goodbye

Guests who spend their wedding weekend as part of a Vineyard Square room block are entitled to an upscale continental breakfast with homemade pastries and other treats in the breakfast nook just behind our lobby. We also have a small function room down the hall for some extra seating in private. Weather permitting, however, the best place to gather is on the patio.


One of our favorite things we’ve seen newlywed couples do recently is plan some small activity for the whole group to do together before departing. For some, it’s a walk down to the wharf led by the bride and groom. For others, it’s making sure the whole group books the same ferry back to Woods Hole. If you’re scrambling for one last-minute group photo, we’re more than happy to hop out from behind the front desk and click the shutter. Here’s a many magical wedding weekends on the island!

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