What’s Your Room Type? 4 Suggestions for Martha’s Vineyard Travelers

There are two kinds of people: those who love options and those who are overwhelmed by them. If you fall into the latter category, then it’s safe to say you and vacation planning may not be the best of friends. We can work on that later, but first thing’s first — let’s decide which room type is the best match for your Martha’s Vineyard travel persona.


4 Room Type Suggestions Based on Your Travel Style



For The Pet Owner…


Need we say more? If you can’t be parted with your pup (they’re a member of the family, after all) then a pet friendly hotel room is the only way to go. Choose a place that offers a sizable space for you and Sparky, as well as an individual entrance — the last thing you want to do is race down a maze of hallways during an urgent puppy potty break.


For the Family Caravan…


The magic word here is: space. If you’ve been around the family vacation block a time or two, then we don’t have to get into too much detail about the hair-pulling and name-calling that will ensue if the kids are kept in close quarters for too long. Stick with a room type that provides plenty of elbow room (without sacrificing the family-friendly budget) — like a one bedroom suite with two beds where you can easily keep an eye on any antagonizing before the bickering begins.


For the Traveling Twosome…


Quality time is the name of the game on a couple’s getaway. A standard one bedroom will meet your basic needs, with just enough space to sleep in late and lounge together before you set out for the day. However, if this is more of a romantic getaway than an ordinary va-cay, let the temptation of treating yourself take over. A luxury room with all the fixin’s (like gas fireplaces and beautiful views from private balconies) can really go the extra mile for romance.


For the Out-And-About Traveler…


If you’d rather spent as much time outside of the hotel as possible, don’t worry — we aren’t the type to take it personally. The allure of Martha’s Vineyard is enough to make anyone an early riser and all-day-adventurer, so if your main priority is having a comfy bed to retire to at the end of a busy day, then cozy rooms were designed just for you.  


If your head is still swirling with selection second-guessing, tell us a little bit about your Martha’s Vineyard getaway and we’ll match you with a Vineyard Square spot that suits you. Making room type recommendations is our specialty, right above helping you decide which island activities to fill your days with.

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