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Meet Wes, Vineyard Square’s new GM


When you ask any of us at Vineyard Square what sets us apart, the unanimous answer is, “our staff.” We believe the people at Vineyard Square are some of the best on the island, offering our guests the sort of warm welcome and thoughtful service that will be well-remembered for a long time after your ferry leaves.

We are pleased to introduce Wesley Sullivan-Doyle as the new general manager of Vineyard Square Hotel & Suites. Wes is not exactly a new face; he has been with us for the past three years with an enthusiastic hello and a knack for making a stay at Vineyard Square a special one. Wes’s commitment to stellar service is obvious, and one that he shares with our entire staff.

To help you get to know Wes, we put him in the hot seat for an edition of the Vineyard Square Staff Six.

Here’s Wesley Sullivan-Doyle, General Manager.

Wes, general manager of Vineyard Square


1. Give us your one-minute memoir, including how you came to Vineyard Square.

I was born and raised in Rhode Island, which means I love coffee milk. I have been on the Vineyard since 2012 after a stylist at the Sea Spa Salon lured me here. I was working for Starwood Hotels at an airport property and was in desperate need of a change of pace. I was supposed to stay for the summer, but I never left.


2. What was your best moment at Vineyard Square (so far)?

That’s a tough question. Each check-in gives me the chance to make other people’s vacations awesome, so the best moments come every day. Working with The Dream Foundation, for terminally ill adults, led to one of my top “best” moments.


3. What word describes you best?

Problem-solver. I work well under pressure.


4. Do you have any hidden (or not-so-hidden) talents?

I managed an independent record label based in Boston before moving to the island. I was in charge of securing new talent and overseeing the recording process for artists. An artist I worked with made it onto the Billboard Top 100 this past year, so I think that I know how to spot a good thing when I see it.


5. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

I would love the ability to talk to animals because I think they would have an amusing take on life. Not that I don’t already talk to animals.


6. What are your favorite things to do/see/eat on Martha’s Vineyard?

Pack the Jeep, deflate the tires, drive onto Norton Point and cook dinner on the beach. There is no better reminder that I live on an island.


May 02, 2016 09:52 pm

Hello Vineyardsquarehotel, I would like to stay in your hotel even just for a couple of days ! Surely my kids will really love it !

March 06, 2015 10:52 pm

i stayed at Vineyard Square last April with my two sisters, 77 year old mother and my 4 year old great neice; for my sister's 50th BD. Wes made our stay more than pleasurable; no request went unanswered. Friends of ours called to have a bottle of wine sent to our room; since it was off season the restaurant wasn't open yet; so Wes went to a local liquor store to purchase the bottle of wine and put in our room with a nice note from our friends.

March 06, 2015 01:01 am

I love your smile and your sense of moxie for someone young in his years. Follow every dream. It is only the dreamers who bring change to the world. A fellow concierge once told me, "Every time a customer comes through that door, make a new friend." That's the way you make every stay fantastic. People love to come back to meet old friends.

March 05, 2015 07:08 pm

Congratulations Wesley, I can't think of a person who deserves it more. i was able to observe first hand how personal you treat your guests while we were there for the holiday vacation. You are an asset to the company. Congrats again