3 Tips for Making Martha’s Vineyard Spring Break Plans

If you believe the movies, the perfect spring break plans involve a Miami beach or the Las Vegas Strip. Good thing we don’t believe everything we see on the big screen (otherwise we’d always be on Jaws patrol). In reality, many folks enjoy spring travel that favors relaxation over rowdiness. If you prefer your vacation on the low-key side of the spectrum, then we’ve got some tips to help make your Martha’s Vineyard spring break plans simple.


Fashion Forecast: Layers are Your Friend

You don’t need to run into a clothing conundrum because there’s one simple rule to follow for spring island outfits. We’d love to say you’ll be at the beach in a bathing suit, but this is still New England. Between March and May, spring weather on Martha’s Vineyard can be a bit of a grab bag (but the surprise is half the fun!). Pack plenty of layers in that duffel bag to be well-equipped for chillier moments or pleasantly surprised by the first t-shirt day of the season. As for those swim trunks? Save them for a summer visit.


Food for Thought: Don’t Worry About Where to Eat

Contrary to island myths, the end of summer doesn’t equal the end of Martha’s Vineyard civilization. Your spring break plans don’t have to include food foraging for the family — just devour a meal at one of the many year-round restaurants across the island. In fact, some seasonal favorites could be opening their doors just in time for your spring visit.


Boredom Busted: Island Activities are Still in Play

Shhhhh… do you hear that? It’s the sound of waves without the buzz of busy crowds. Rather than waiting in lines or trying to find a bare spot on the beach, spring tripper’s can embark on their favorite activities without feeling like part of a herd. On a nice spring day, stretch out on the beach with a book or make use of a windy afternoon by flying a kite with the kids. Families can embark on one of the island’s hiking trails, and traveling friends can bond over an afternoon at the spa.


You don’t have to travel far or spend a fortune to enjoy your spring break. Put the workload and assignments aside, and dive into temporary island life with relaxing spring break plans on Martha’s Vineyard.

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