A Martha’s Vineyard Farmer’s Market Walkthrough: 7 Things To Expect

Farmer’s markets — once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, right? To that we say, hogwash. Off in the great West (Tisbury), where fertile fields grow fresh produce and fragrant flowers, the West Tisbury Farmer’s Market supplies island locals and visitors alike with a unique assortment of tasty treats, artisan crafts, and live entertainment. Here’s a tiny taste of the fresh experience you’ll find at this foodie-approved market.


Flowers at a Martha's Vineyard farmer's market.
Photo: Ernest McGray, Jr. / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0.


Martha’s Vineyard Farmer’s Market Walkthrough: 7 Things To Expect

1. Fresh Fare From The Farms Next Door

No, we mean it. You may not have pegged Martha’s Vineyard to be big on crop cultivating, but the fertile farmlands on our island are a cornucopia of fresh fruit, garden greens, and root veggies. Well over a dozen farms give life to this bustling farmer’s market — and they’re armed with a lot of choices. Fan favorites include the certified organic seasonal veggies from asparagus to radish from Stannard Farms, and the sustainably-produced meat, eggs, and kale from Blackwater Farm.


2. Sweet Treats And Delectable Delicacies

It’s safe to say no sweet tooth goes uncatered at this Martha’s Vineyard farmer’s market. The sugary selection includes homemade scones, muffins and other pastries from Beth’s Bakery, and 6” or 9” pies (made from scratch, of course) from Pie Chicks. You can also find a new jam (as in, grape or strawberry) with New Lane Sundries, or savor a few sea salted caramels from Enchanted Chocolates — because you’re on the Vineyard, after all.


3. Artisan Creations From Our Island’s Craftiest

How wide does our island’s collection of craft makers span? Beyond handcrafted jewelry, you can expect everything from Seastone Papers’ home decor made completely out of pulp fiber paper (you’ll have to see to believe) and some of the coziest scarves in existence from Island Alpaca. You may find artisanal soap from Flat Point Farm, made with vegetable oils and natural scents, but it’s a special ingredient that gives it an un-bleat-able moisturizing quality: raw goat’s milk.


4. Homegrown, Cultivated Cures For Anything That Ails You

Our farms don’t stop at corn and cucumbers. Some develop creams, salves, and extracts as unique as our island itself. Most notable are the herbalists of Breezy Pines Farm, who’ve been perfecting the practice of plant medicine for 24 years and counting. A few of their award-winning products include a calendula lip balm and bath scrubs made of raw honey and medical grade oils.


5. Brunch!

Come hungry — the farmer’s market will take care of that. Dig in to a healthy snack made of fresh island ingredients, like a savory crépe from Anson Mills or the famous Vietnamese egg rolls from Khen’s Little Kitchen. Wash it all down with a refreshing fruit smoothie from Blissed Out.


6. Double Market Days During The Summer

Saturday is when the action happens, but we get it — there’s a lot to savor on our island during the summer, and squeezing in a Tisbury trip may be tall order. That’s why our farmer’s market friends double up on market days during summer’s peak (late June through August) and add a Wednesday market into the mix. That’s twice the tomatoes.


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7. No Shortage Of Squash In The Winter

Like many of our Edgartown restaurants, the West Tisbury Farmer’s Market is alive and kickin’ even when the temperature gets too brisk for boating. Mid-October, the vendors head indoors to the New Agricultural Hall for the weekly winter farmers’ market. Count on a collection of locally grown potatoes, carrots, and other harvest veggies.


With a bounty like this to bring back home, the farmer fare on Martha’s Vineyard are well worth setting some temporary roots. Plant yourself in the heart of Edgartown (we know a place) and hop aboard one of the regularly-running VTA buses to the farmer’s market in West Tisbury. Want to stick closer to your homebase? Pop over to the ever-bustling farmstand at Edgartown’s Morning Glory Farm. Wherever you choose to forage, just remember to bring a basket and your appetite.

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