Gorgeous Island Photography – Vineyard Colors

Just when we thought we knew The Vineyard like the backs of our hands, along comes a couple to open our eyes anew to this amazing island. Moira and Yann take daily early morning photos of Martha’s Vineyard that will take your breath away.

All days of the year, in all four seasons, the pair uncover layer after layer of insight and intrigue in our harbors, beaches and back roads. The results are insightful. Check out the full collection on their website, Vineyard Colors.

Morning at the Ocean on Martha's Vineyard
Martha’s Vineyard seaside on a winter morning. Photo by Vineyard Colors.

Independent professionals by trade, the couple struggled to make ends meet in the economic downturn. So, starting in June of 2009, they took on an early morning paper route to help pay the bills. Hitting the road at 3:45 am was tough at first, but in their words, “what started as pure drudgery turned into a revelation: driving the vineyard’s deserted roads at Dawn is exhilarating! Winter or Summer, rain or shine, we are surrounded by beauty. To convince our incredulous friends and family we weren’t delusional, we decided to share pictures every day. More than 700 consecutive days and 65,000 (mostly bad) pictures later, we are hooked to this routine.”

And we are so glad they are! Their photos — particularly of the quiet months of winter and early spring – show us a side of The Vineyard that we usually sleep through. They plan to soon add an online store to their website to sell photo notecards. Until they do, you can purchase the notecards at Alley’s General Store in West Tisbury, Bunch of Grapes Bookstore in Vineyard Haven, Conroy’s Apothecary in both Oak Buffs and West Tisbury, and The Scottish Bakehouse in Tisbury.

It has really inspired us. In fact, it has inspired us SO MUCH we are offering a new “Capture the Quiet Season” package for amateur photographers. Check out our Special Offers page for complete details.

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