How Game of Thrones Characters Would Spend a Martha’s Vineyard Trip

Think about it: if winter was constantly lingering on the horizon, you’d be pining for an island vacation, too. When the day comes where our Game of Thrones friends aren’t preparing for snowflakes or doom, we’d like to think they’d cash in on some well-deserved R&R with a trip to Martha’s Vineyard. If you’d like to follow in their footsteps as they plan their getaways from the threats of the icy north, we’d bet these island attractions would land on their itineraries.


Plan Your Martha’s Vineyard Trip Like a Game of Thrones Character

Aquinnah Cliffs


Jon Snow: King of Alone Time

As much as we’d expect snowbound characters to savor the summer months, can you really picture Jon Snow being a big fan of beach days? As someone who seems to prefer solitude over crowds, he’d opt for a quiet shoulder season visit with our serene hiking trails or stoic Martha’s Vineyard lighthouses (a befitting attraction for someone of the Night’s Watch). We’d recommend working in a visit to Aquinnah’s clay cliffs — they may not stand up to the awe of The Wall, but what they lack in height they certainly make up for in offshore sights. No warning horn necessary.


Tyrion Lannister: Brewery Tour or Bust

As a lover of all things libatious, Tyrion’s ideal Martha’s Vineyard trip would align with the Martha’s Vineyard Wine Festival — but he’d also feel perfectly at home with the selection at Vintage MV Wine & Spirits right here in Edgartown. Though beer flights may not be what initially lures him into Bad Martha Brewing, we wouldn’t be surprised if a sip of this handcrafted beer brewed with grape leaves turned him into a dedicated patron (or inspired a full island brewery tour). Of course, even on vacation mode, he wouldn’t be able to resist the opportunity to nurture his noggin, so he’d balance the drinking with thinking during a jaunt through one of our island museums or art galleries.


Daenerys Targaryen: Sailing Into Vacation Mode 

Island Alpaca Martha's Vineyard
Island Alpaca on Martha’s Vineyard | Photo: kowarski via flickr (CC BY 2.0)

She may be the Mother of Dragons, but we’d peg Daenerys a friend of all things scaled, feathered, or furry. It would do her some good to spend time with creatures closer to her own size — like the leggy, long-necked crew at Island Alpaca that are far more fluffy than fire-breathing. Afterward, now that she’s finally gotten her hands on some boats back home, a visit to Catboat Charters is the perfect opportunity for us to get her acquainted with sailing for fun’s sake.


Arya Stark: Adventure Awaits

A wild child like Arya Stark knows no downtime (and honestly, she probably wouldn’t have it any other way). She’s the kind of gal who’d opt for the most adventurous options Martha’s Vineyard has to offer — like an aerial tour of the island by biplane. Once she’s had her fill of adrenaline-inducing activities, she’d catch the latest showing at the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse to see what new identities the actors are donning.


Sansa Stark: Vacation in the Lap of Luxury

If anyone deserves to get away from it all, it’s Sansa. Although she’s proven to have thick skin, her trip to Martha’s Vineyard would call back to her true style: appreciating the finer things in life, like an afternoon of pampering at Sea Spa Salon. For an outdoor activity, we’d direct her to the Mytoi Gardens in Chappaquiddick — a familiarly peaceful setting for such a frequent visitor of the godswood.


Of course, if our favorite characters could pick a place to unpack their trunks, we’d hope they’d choose Edgartown. We may not have a castle by the likes of Winterfell or King’s Landing here at Vineyard Square, but we do have balconies with a view that can make anyone feel like royalty.

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