Edgartown In Spring

Snowdrops by lisihoffThe return of the sunshine to Martha’s Vineyard this week has been a very welcome sight to those who have not made it off to warmer climes this winter.  I’ve talked before about the patterns of life on the Vineyard and I was reminded of more of them yesterday.  I didn’t even realise that I look for these things every year until I saw them again.  Yesterday I saw…

  1. My first flip flops – when I start to see toes again, it must be spring.
  2. Men in Shorts – there is a contingent here who wear them all year (crazy, but true) but yesterday they were everywhere.
  3. Out of State plates – on my short walk down Main Street yesterday I counted 5 states other than MA – the visitors are back.
  4. Mopeds – that familiar hum and inevitable traffic back up is back on the roads (personally I’m not a fan but if you like an element of danger on vacation and are anxious to see the MV Hospital ER, go ahead)
  5. Beach Umbrellas – Driving home I saw a great sight – a couple, under a beach umbrella, a cooler between them, enjoying the emptiness of State Beach before the summer hits! On State Beach, you often see rows of umbrellas from the road – they always make me happy!
  6. Crocus and Daffodils – I’m enjoying seeing signs of life in my yard.

Next come all the contractors and landscapers, the roofers and plumbers getting everything ship-shape for the return of the visitors and seasonal residents.  The Colonial Inn re-opens for it’s 99th season on April 15th, so we’re getting ready too! Only a month and it is ‘season’, so the next few weeks are pretty busy around here with floor refinishing, carpet shampooing, painting, cleaning and generally getting ready to see and be seen.

What signs do you look for to tell you spring is here?

Photo of Snowdrops by lisihoff


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