A New Year on Martha’s Vineyard

New Year Resolutions Clock by husin.saniI have never been a fan of new year “resolutions”; there is way too much guilt and disappointment going on, come February when resolves aren’t as strong!  This is a great time of year to reflect on the good, bad, and ugly of the past, however; as well as organizing and making plans for all of the good things ahead…  so, are you with me?!

Here at the Colonial InnEdgartown Residence Club, we are thankful for all of our friends (old and new) who made the time to visit Martha’s Vineyard this past year, and included us in their plans.  We feel very lucky to not only live in such a magical place, but to have a part in creating treasured memories for so many visitors.  We are looking forward to creating more value for our guest’s in 2011 with some exciting new room renovations and the creation of a new and improved salon and day spa within our complex…  more on all of that in coming months!

On a more personal note, I am making plans and committing to spending more time & enjoying the island with my family (read: doing housework doesn’t count for quality time!).  I was suprised and am a bit embarrassed to report that when we took our kids to Aquinnah last summer, they didn’t remember ever having been there before!  They were all four born on Martha’s Vineyard, so yes, it is as bad as it sounds…  The point is, how many of us live in a place that we fail to fully enjoy? I live on an island, work a block from Edgartown harbor, and yet go weeks sometimes without really looking at the water!  Similarly, how many of you visit Martha’s Vineyard and fail to explore beyond the closest beach and town?

My plan for the coming year (and challenge for all of you) is to make more time every week to spend with family and friends.  While at it, we are going to enjoy more of the wonderful activities & venues on Martha’s Vineyard!  What about you?  When you are next on the island, can you explore someplace you haven’t been in a while?  What about in your own hometown?  Do visitors frequently enjoy more of it than you do?

If your travels bring you back to the Vineyard in the coming year, I hope you will include a stay at our Martha’s Vineyard hotel in your plans.  Come and challenge us to think of something new for you to do during your next visit!  And please, share your experiences with us when you venture out to explore!

Best wishes for a healthy and adventurous 2011!!  What are your plans for the new year?

Image courtesy of husin.sani


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