White House Press Corp Visits Vineyard Square

The last few weeks have been quite the hub of activity at Vineyard Square Hotel & Suites. We were honored to have the White House Press Corp stay and work here as they covered President Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard visit this year.

Photos and mentions of the hotel crept into into stories, the back courtyard turned into a story filing and interview area, the meeting room became a primary writing and working space, and the front porch and square popped up in tons of video footage. A Profile on the White House Travel Director even featured numerous shots of her on the front square.

From the weeks of preparation until the last camera left the building today, our staff made sure all ran smoothly. We’ll provide more details of what it is like to host this hard-working group of folks in a “behind the scenes” article in our upcoming newsletter (if you don’t receive our newsletter, you can sign up here), but below are a few photos to give you a sense of the “scene.”

These reporters, photographers and cameramen were great people and it was a pleasure to have them stay!

White House Press Corp at Vineyard Square Hotel & Suites
The Vineyard Square Hotel meeting room turned into a main work space for the White House Press Corp.


White House Press Corp Cameramen
The back courtyard of Vineyard Square Hotel & Suites was a hub of cameramen.


Martha's Vineyard Press Corp visit.
A reporter files her story on camera and a shot of the live feed.


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