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Fishermen-tested, visitor approved. We don’t find it fishy that Menemsha is home to some of the best seafood spots on the island. Fishing families have been docking their boats along the historic harbor for generations, stocking the markets and shacks with the freshest catches of the day. To reel in a tasty Vineyard experience during your stay, call your order through the window of one of these walk-up seafood shacks around the island.


The Bite in Menemsha

Photo: Ernest McGray, Jr. via flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

There may be a line to wade through outside, but it’s well worth the wait for just one crunchy bite from a fried clams order. Actually, come to think of it…maybe that’s how The Bite coined its name. One of the most classic seafood shacks on the island, this cash-only joint takes orders through a screened door and has a canned soda vending machine as their sole watering hole. The popular fried clams come overflowing in a cardboard box (oil stains and all!) and can cause cravings strong enough to single-handedly inspire another Vineyard visit. If clams aren’t your favorite food, opt for a bowl of clam chowder that’s so tasty visitors buy it by the quart to bring back home.


Quarterdeck Restaurant in Edgartown

Located right by Memorial Wharf and the Chappaquiddick ferry dock, hungry Edgartown visitors can curb seafood cravings at the Quarterdeck Restaurant. From whole belly clams to crispy fish tacos, this little walk-up stand highlights seafood favorites alongside classic American fare. If the battle between a burger and lobster lunch is going to war in your stomach, compromise with a lobster burger. Grab your order and head to the nearby picnic area to munch with a view of the Edgartown Lighthouse.


Home Port in Menemsha

A restaurant in the front and a raw oyster bar in the back, the Home Port Restaurant in Menemsha isn’t like the traditional seafood shacks on Martha’s Vineyard. We’ll give it a pass though, because you do have the option to order excellent food from a window. Head around to the back of the building to order quick fixes from the Back Door menu. Whether you’re in the mood for lobster bisque or an entire 1-1/4 lb. boiled lobster, the menu has a seafood selection to satisfy every palate.


Larsen’s Fish Market in Menemsha

If any of these walk-up seafood shacks battled for a spot on the Martha’s Vineyard Bucket List, Larsen’s Fish Market may just be the lobster that comes out on top. From the busy order window, you can request a selection of famous market eats like steamers, chowder, or stuffed quahogs. Plop down on an overturned crate (if you can find one) to enjoy your catch or settle on a spot closer to the water to take in the busy harbor views. We can guarantee you won’t be leaving this spot without a full belly or a fresh cut of fish from the market.



Shuck Shack in Oak Bluffs

Between the gingerbread cottages and Circuit Avenue shopping, there’s so much to see in Oak Bluffs that it can be easy to overlook lunchtime. When the stomach rumbles start up and you need food fast, head to the Shuck Shack on Circuit Avenue Extension. You’ll find a full raw bar selection along with locally caught oysters, mahi-mahi, and other delectable seafood dishes. Visit on a Tuesday to take advantage of lobster specials or stop by during the summer to catch live music by the harbor.


Are any of these savory seafood shacks going on your to-dine list? For more Martha’s Vineyard dining indulgences to fill up your visit, bring your craving questions to the Square for our ultimate island foodie suggestions.  

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