Martha's Vineyard sculpture

The latest Eisenhauer Gallery sculpture to grace our front Square is a striking new work by David Phelps. Titled “Pastural Dreamer” (although we affectionately call him “The Big Guy”), the piece is in two parts spanning 15 x 43 x 24.

“Pastural Dreamer” by David Phelps – currently at Vineyard Square!

The general theme embodied in Phelps’ figurative sculpture (in his own words) is a sense of perseverance, optimism, and humor being embraced in the face of adversity.

This guy sure looks like he is facing life with plenty of optimism! Stop by The Square to check him out. Please inquire at Eisenhauer Gallery as to price and delivery information if you are interested in having the Big Guy grace your home or garden.

Note: this sculpture soaks up the sun and becomes very hot, so please enjoy him from a distance!


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