Martha's Vineyard

It’s becoming obvious to everyone I meet that I’ve been away from the Vineyard way too long.  Lately, I’ve been cranky, rude, short-tempered, and sleeping fitfully.  Those are not the real reasons they can tell.  I’m always like that.  I think it’s the fact that I announce to everyone I meet, “I’ve been away from the Vineyard way too long!!!”  Yeah, that’s a dead giveaway.
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Seriously, my mind meanders even more often than usual these days.  Though I sit staring at my computer screen, I dream that I’m relaxing on that bench on Edgartown Harbor munching on chocolate-covered pretzels bought from the Ice Cream and Candy Bazaar.  The gentle tide slaps against the seawall where a huge, graceful swan glides by hoping for a handout from an eager and enchanted child.  I lean back to let the sun warm my face while the Chappy Ferry fights the tide created by  the breach at Norton Point.

Alas, those days are buried deep in my past and cast even further in my future.  My year is broken up into two parts: the remembrance of Vineyard past (apologies to Monsieur Proust) and anticipation of Vineyard future.  That’s generally enough to keep me going, but I’m pushing it this year.  For a variety of reasons, I’ve had to forgo a couple of potential trips this year, so I’m left in withdrawal today.

What are the signs of MV withdrawal?  You come upon some sand on the side of the road and have an inordinate desire to strip down to your skivvies and lie on it.  When your child gets ready for a bath, you call out, “Watch out for the riptide!”  You start to mispronounce Katama.  You hear a horn beep in traffic and look for a ramp to board the ferry.

Let me clarify one thing.  I do have a life.  It’s just that visiting Martha’s Vineyard enhances that life. Even a short respite on the island is enough to recharge my batteries.  Just like one dog year is seven human years, two island days is equivalent to a week’s vacation elsewhere.  I don’t mean to disparage other vacation spots.  I think we all have our “special places”, our sanctuaries, where relaxation and peace simply come easier to us.  Guess where mine is?

(editors note: If you are missing Edgartown too much, check in on the webcam to keep an eye on the harbor)


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