Yoga at The Square

Vineyard Square Hotel & Suites and Sea Spa Salon Introduce Yoga at The Square. Come relax and build strength in body and mind.

Relax and Renew with Yoga

With the goal of energizing the body and focusing the mind, yoga classes at our Edgartown hotel include classic asanas such as sun salutations, hip and heart openers, back bends, inversions, and the all-important Shavasana. Come practice, focus inward, relax, and integrate the benefits of yoga into your daily life.



Sea Spa Salon offers yoga classes several times a week in addition to private sessions, beach classes, and multi-class passes. Please call for class time updates or review our online schedule. In fall, winter, and spring, we request that you sign up within 12 hours of class.

Teacher Bios


Rebecca J. Briggs is Sea Spa’s Thai massage therapist, resident meditation and yoga teacher, and wellness health coach with over 25 years of professional experience. A Traditional Thai Massage Therapist, Herbalist and Certified Nutritionist since 1996, and registered Interdisciplinary Vinyasa Yoga Teacher since 2002, Rebecca has extensive private and studio experience and has studied with masters around the world. Her Thai massage practice is rooted in both the traditional southern style and in Thai herbal and Jap Sen massage therapeutics as taught by Lek Chaiya in Chiang Mai.

Wellness Retreat - Rebecca Briggs