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Martha's Vineyard Blog

Outdoor Martha’s Vineyard!

As I write this I am looking out on a beautifully sunny spring day – I know we are all harping on about how nice spring on Martha’s Vineyard is this year but please understand – we don’t get this beautiful spring weather every year!  I’m glad it is here though, as there are lots […]

Spring Arrives on Martha’s Vineyard

I walked out of my house the other day and my daughter said “It smells like spring!”  She was right… spring has arrived and it’s amusing to see the excitement that a sunny day can bring to our Martha’s Vineyard community after a long, cold and gray winter.  The enthusiasm in the air is contagious!  Personally, being […]

Christmas in Edgartown

It is the Holiday Season again, and with Thanksgiving behind us, the next big event on Martha’s Vineyard is “Christmas in Edgartown”. Let me say up front that I am…less than enthusiastic, shall we say…of the Christmas season. I have an incredible dislike of commercial jingles, (did they start in mid-October this year? Curses…), smarmy […]

Adventures of the Squirrel-Whisperer

When I say that Martha’s Vineyard is too “City-fied” for me, people laugh. Here is my perspective: I came to the Vineyard after living for ten years in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I lived in a condominium where bears came through the parking lot to the dumpsters on a regular basis and if […]