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    Now and Then: Guest Returns To Pose On The Deck

    We were quite delighted to get the photo to the right (click to enlarge) from a great guy named Harry Perrone. Harry was a frequent guest at Vineyard Square Hotel & Suites years back in the mid-80s when the hotel was called the Colonial Inn.MV 1987 - 2014 b

    Harry then stopped visiting Martha’s Vineyard for awhile (28 years to be exact!), but decided to visit again this summer. And – he brought the same t-shirt he was wearing in 1987.  “I love staying there. It’s in a great location with obvious beautiful views.  And I love Chesca’s restaurant just below.  I will try to stay again before the season ends and will return next summer as well,” he says.

    Harry says he got the idea to do the “now and then” photo when he found the t-shirt in an old dresser (scheduled to go Good Will soon!) in the basement of his Mom’s house. He brought it to the island and the rest is history.  

    “As you can see, not much has changed over the years on Martha’s Vineyard except the railing (and my  gut!),” he says.

    Thank you for staying again, Harry, and for your sense of humor. We look forward to your next visit.

    Our Edgartown Hotel Sponsors “Bike MS” Team

    Our Edgartown hotel is proud to sponsor a team of riders in this year’s Bike MS: Ride The Vineyard. Named the “Vineyard Square Wheelers” our team is dedicated to helping create a world free of MS.Vineyard Square Wheelers Logo

    The “Square Wheelers” is not just some clever incorporation of the hotel’s name with a biking reference. 

    Square wheels are a perfect metaphor for living with MS.  For those with MS, everything is harder, sort of like trying to bike with square wheels.

    Please consider joining us by signing up to ride with our team. Held on May 3. 2014, the ride offers a route for everyone, including families, no matter your cycling ability level. 

    With the quaint charm and beautiful ocean views of Martha’s Vineyard, choose from 15-, 30-, and 60-mile routes and enjoy the flavor of the island.  The 60-mile features the cliffs of Gay Head, the beaches of Katama, and the scenic views of East Chop!

    If biking is not your bag, please consider donating to the Vineyard Square Wheelers at our team page here.

    Piknik March Madness

    Our Edgartown hotel’s onsite boutique, Piknik, is holding huge SALE weekends in March.

    Edgartown MA boutique items

    Piknik, the onsite boutique at our Martha’s Vineayrd hotel, is having a blow-out sale on March weekends.

    Prices have been slashed on back inventory of designer clothing and accessories for men and women.

     You’ll also receive special discounts on various original art work.  

    These deals are not to be missed…and worth a planned (or even last minute!) trip to the Vineyard for the weekend. 

    Held Fridays through Sundays, 12 to 7 daily.

    Spa Deals all Quiet Season

    Do you need additional incentive to hop on that ferry this quiet season? How about a deal at Sea Spa Salon – located right here at The Square?Edgartown MA spa services

    The spa is offering specials six days a week!

    • Monday Fundays: Book a 50-minute spa service and receive an equal or lesser service at 50% off!
    • Toes for Tuesdays: Book a spa pedicure and bring a friend for 50% off the second one
    • Wash Away Wednesday: After any spa treatment, enjoy a wash and blow dry for only $25
    • Thrilling Thursdays: 20% off all nail treatments
    • Fur Free Friday: $45 brazilian wax (save $30) and 20% off any other body waxing
    • Salon Saturday: First time clients get a $20 coupon towards the next visit

    Edgartown Hotel Video Contest Winner!

    Drum roll, please! The winner of our 2013 summer video contest is. . . Sheila DiTocco!

    Sheila won a four-night stay at a New Hampshire ski resort. It was a tough call (we got a number of creative entries), but Sheila charmed us with photos of her stuffed gorilla, Bam, experiencing locations all over the island. And, we do mean ALL over. Check out the delightful video here.

    Video winner's gorilla on Martha's Vineyard.

    Bam on Martha’s Vineyard.

    Sheila – who was staying with us for her 25th anniversary when she shot all the photos that comprise the video – shared a little bit of Bam’s story with us. “Bam is well loved. She was originally given to my husband the first year we were married. He injured his back at work and I bought her to cheer him up. At that time she was bright white and clean. When we had children she became even more well loved. My husband would frequently sneak her into my suitcase when I went on business trips and when we went on vacation.

    She has been to Bermuda, the Bahamas, Canada, all of the New England states, Georgia, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and, of course, Martha’s Vineyard a number of times. This is her first starring role. She has had pictures taken before but has never been in a video.”

    We are so glad she is now! Congratulations Sheila (and Bam).

    Wednesday Shop Photos on Facebook

    Do you know Edgartown’s shops well? Yes? Then you’ll want to place close attention to our Facebook page on Wednesdays between now and October 23. We’ll be uploading shop window photos three times a day (starting today!). Write down your guess as to which shop it is. On Oct 24, the day after all 15 Wednesday Window photos have appeared, email with your list of 15 in the CORRECT ORDER that they appeared. NOTE: we may not leave all the photos up on Facebook, so you can’t just come look on the final day!! You’ll win a gift certificate from us if you get them all right. READY?




    Guest Post: Not Missing it on MV

    by Rick Conti

    Everyone has their own list of stuff they miss when they’re away from Martha’s Vineyard.  Certainly I’m no exception.  My list is long indeed.  The highlights of said list provide the fodder that makes these blog entries so easy to come up with.

    But I have another list: Things I don’t miss while I’m there.  The former list is the magnetic force constantly tugging me seaward, back to the Vineyard.  The latter is the gravity that keeps me there, feet firmly planted on island soil, as often and for as long as possible.  Significant energy can be expended resisting those forces.  Rather than fight that losing battle, I give in whenever I can.  As several songs in recent memory declare, it’s a sweet surrender.

    Here are portions of my two lists, in alternating order…

    On the mainland, I miss the fresh, laser-sharp, salt-infused air of MV.  It simply has a higher, almost alive quality than can be found elsewhere.  

    On the island, it’s a welcome relief to know I won’t encounter a single traffic light.  None.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  Here where I live, they pop up like weeds everywhere I go.  Stop and go is my life.

    Nowhere in my land-locked space can I hear one of the Earth’s greatest sounds: roaring ocean surf.  There’s nothing like that sonic miracle anywhere in the world but at the seaside.

    Nowhere on the Vineyard will I run into a nationwide franchise.  No Dunkin’ Donuts, no McDonald’s, no Pizza Hut.  Who needs’em?  Who wants’em?

    The never-ending display of sparkling, Christmas-esque lights gleaming off the ephemeral peaks on the rolling sea surface can’t be duplicated by any seasonal artifice.

    At last, when I’m on MV, I’m not surrounded by “big box” retailers hawking slave-manufactured “goods”.  Having effectively crushed their more homely counterparts, they’re the only option left… on the mainland.

    Isolation might not be everyone’s cup of lemonade.  Truth be told, it often isn’t mine.  But everyone needs some separation sometimes.  Paul Hogan (whatever happened to him?) could just as easily have been describing MV when he announced that Australia is “surrounded by water”.  (Supply your own accent.) No such barrier is available to the landlubber.

    Big buildings have their place – you can’t build Saturn V rockets in a phone booth (whatever happened to them?) after all – but do they have to be everywhere?  And do they have to be so big?  My idea of an acceptable skyscraper is Edgartown Lighthouse.

    Open space.

    Highways and 65 MPH speed limits.

    Ice Cream and Candy Bazaar

    Ubiquitous tractor trailers.

    Back Door Donuts.

    Parking lots big enough to have their own zip code.

    Edgartown Residence Club

    In fact, one of the few things I don’t miss when I’m land-bound is cranky tourists.  Unfortunately, we’re just as disagreeable on the mainland…

    …which is where we live…

    …which is why I specialize in off-season visits to MV.


    White House Press Corp Visits Vineyard Square

    The last few weeks have been quite the hub of activity at Vineyard Square Hotel & Suites. We were honored to have the White House Press Corp stay and work here as they covered President Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard visit this year.

    Photos and mentions of the hotel crept into into stories, the back courtyard turned into a story filing and interview area, the meeting room became a primary writing and working space, and the front porch and square popped up in tons of video footage. A Profile on the White House Travel Director even featured numerous shots of her on the front square.

    From the weeks of preparation until the last camera left the building today, our staff made sure all ran smoothly. We’ll provide more details of what it is like to host this hard-working group of folks in a “behind the scenes” article in our upcoming newsletter (if you don’t receive our newsletter, you can sign up here), but below are a few photos to give you a sense of the “scene.”

    These reporters, photographers and cameramen were great people and it was a pleasure to have them stay!

    White House Press Corp at Vineyard Square Hotel & Suites

    The Vineyard Square Hotel meeting room turned into a main work space for the White House Press Corp.


    White House Press Corp Cameramen

    The back courtyard of Vineyard Square Hotel & Suites was a hub of cameramen.

    Martha's Vineyard Press Corp visit.

    A reporter files her story on camera and a shot of the live feed.


    Late Summer Events on Martha’s Vineyard

    There are lots of things happening before Labor Day! Come enliven the dog days of summer with a trip to The Vineyard.

    Martha's Vineyard dance performances

    Dance Theater of Harlem and other Late August Events on Martha’s Vineyard.

    August 22, 7:30 pm — Livingston Taylor & Jessica Ashley in Concert

    Island favorites Livingston Taylor and Jessica Ashley along with other surprise guests appear in concert at Edgartown’s Old Whaling Church. Tickets are $35 & $55 and are available at 

    August 23-25, 7:00 pm — Dance Theatre of Harlem Performance

    Virginia Johnson, Artistic Director, returns to The Vineyard Arts Project with a new repertoire and new artists gathered from across the country.

    August 30, 5:00-7:00 pm — Exhibit Opening: “One on the Line: The Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby”

    The Martha’s Vineyard Derby has been a staple event on the Island for over sixty years. This exhibition will trace the Derby’s rich history from its start in 1946 as an event to extend the shoulder season for Island tourism to an annual tradition that has brought people together from across the country. Derby committee member Janet Messineo will guest curate the exhibition. Free for Members, $7 for non-Members.

    Guest Post: Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy on The Vineyard

    By Rick Conti 

    Welcome to my second post in a row to be inspired by a song.  This time it’s decidedly more highbrow than the theme song from “Cheers”.  Of late, “Summertime”, Gershwin’s gorgeous aria from “Porgy and Bess”, has been running through my head.  

    And the livin’ is easy.
    Fish are jumpin’
    And the cotton is high.

    Can anyone hear the luscious, lazy melody that carries those lyrics and not be conveyed magically and immediately to a place of warmth and rest?  That’s what summer is supposed to be.  Time and nature slow down.  So should we.

    There’s one class of people for whom the song’s sentiments are indisputably inaccurate: Anyone who lives and works on Martha’s Vineyard, especially those in the hospitality trade.  In that world apart from the world, living is anything but easy in the summer.  Especially given the populace they have to deal with day in and day out (and night in and night out):

    Us.  The tourists.

    We are the barbarian hordes that invade their precious island every summer.  We are the voracious cicadas who can’t wait 17 years to strip their island bare.  We are the thorn in their flesh even as we are the butter on their bread.

    Go ahead, next time you’re out for dinner at that seafood shack or hoity-toity bistro, talk to your waiter about how his summer is going.  Ask the young lady serving you at the sports rental store or the woman with the exotic accent who checks you into your hotel.  It’s a pretty safe bet that the word “easy” will not play a major part in any of their responses.  “Living” might not even make it in there.

    Just the fact that you asked said workers how they’re doing could very well end up being a highlight of an otherwise dreary summer.  In the summertime, we unload our burdens.  Unfortunately we often dump them on undeserving laborers whose only real desire is to help us relax.

    So why don’t we treat them better?  We might not realize that how we treat others will have a direct correlation to how enjoyable our island experience will be.  Perhaps we’re not thinking about it.  Maybe we’re just inconsiderate imbeciles.  

    Or maybe we don’t know how.  To help alleviate that possibility, here’s a short list of ideas to make sure that their summertime as well as yours is just a bit easier:

    1. Say “Hello”.  Nice start.

    2. Smile.  You’re on vacation, after all.

    3. Leave a tip.  A good one.

    4. Ask how they’re doing.  

    5. Ask them about themselves.  It’s not all about you.

    6. Think a few minutes before you complain.

    7. Say “Thank you.”  Why would we need to be told this?  But we do.

    There are plenty of other guidelines but most can be grouped under the label “common courtesy”, something as uncommon as common sense.

    Another way of putting it is to practice the Golden Rule.  Treat your servers as you would want to be treated if (heaven forbid) you were waiting on them.

    In fact, why not wait on them once in a while?  Do something for the people who are doing everything for you.  

    What a novel concept!